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The Vision of 'Beyond Words'

As Beyond Books is getting ready to launch their latest project: Beyond Words; An english magazine that is made by the students, for the students. We had a sit down with the founder and chief editor of the magazine, Keeratika Lertnamwongwan to give you all the insights for the upcoming launch!

1. What prompted you to start the Beyond Words Magazine?

From as far as I can remember, I've been a writer. I started writing when I was in school in Singapore. I wrote for school newspapers, community magazines, and websites. I cannot remember a time when I was not a writer. It was my escape; I wrote to express, to understand, and to communicate. I was lucky to grow up in a country like Singapore which offered a lot of platforms for a young writer like me, to be published. My writing laid the foundation for what I am today. It is because I wrote, that I went into the Media and Communication field, that I landed an internship at the United Nations, that I ended up getting a Marketing and Communications job, and because I wrote, I developed a Creative Writing Course for Beyond Books. Whatever I am today, it is because of my writing.

When I came back to Bangkok, I always complained that there weren't enough platforms for young writers and artists like myself. Sadly, there hasn’t been much change, even until today, all these years later. So, instead of whining and complaining about a lack of a platform for young writers and artists, I decided to do something about it. I wanted to give young people in Bangkok a platform, a place where they can make their voices heard. So here we are, launching Thailand's first English magazine for kids written by kids. It is their platform, their voice. The voice of the future.

2. When will the first issue launch?

The first issue will be launched in August 2021. The beginning of the new academic year.

3. How are current students involved?

There is a core team of passionate students who are part of the editorial team. They are students of our journalism course who are in charge of putting together the first issue of the magazine. They're from different schools in Thailand, some students are even being home-schooled and are bringing together their backgrounds and interests to create content for the magazine. Students from all over the world are ALL welcome to send in their submissions for the magazine.

4. What is this magazine? What does “for students” really mean?

This is the voice of the future. Students will decide for themselves what they want to add to each issue. It is a student led-paper all the way from planning, writing to editing the content. We have adult coaches and editors who will assist students to express themselves but this magazine will be 100% student-centric.

5. What will this magazine consist of?

The magazine will consist of lots of exciting categories. Each issue will be different! There will be inter-school news, a list of what's new in town, travel categories, food & beverage categories, advice columns, entertainment categories, news categories, art and photography showcases, fun facts, poetry, stories and so much more! It will certainly be an enticing magazine for students with different interests!

6. Can you share more about the team behind the magazine?

We've got a great team of adults heading the magazine too. Jessica Teal is our Course Manager and Coach. She's the editor of the magazine. She is working with the students in our Journalism class to put together this magazine. She herself is a writer/photographer and all round creative. The editorial team has really impressed me with the content creativity and writing talent they've shown under her guidance. She's got a real passion for content and writing and is a kid at heart so she's blending right in!

7. How do students get involved? Can students who are not in the Beyond Books classes get involved?

Absolutely! Students from all over the world, all age groups are welcome to send in all of their creative work. They can send in articles, stories, poems, artwork, photographs, designs, and anything creative to and get a chance to be featured in the magazine!

8. How is the content chosen? Do the authors/ creators get credit for their work? Certificates?

Content is chosen based on the theme of each issue and space in the paper. There will be an issue every term so students can send in their submissions any time, the editorial team will go through the submissions and publish the works chosen. Students can keep trying to send in their best work for every issue.

9. How will the magazine be distributed?

The magazine will be distributed to different International schools and some coffee-shop partners in the city. Students who wish to subscribe to the magazine can also do so. The magazine will always be free for those that want them.

Anyone that might be interested to partner with us as distributors can contact us at and we'll be happy to send over issues every month for free distribution.

10. How many issues will the magazine have and how often will they come out?

An issue will be published every school term.

11. How will you make sure all issues of the magazine are different and fun for students?

Students will get a chance to decide on the theme and content of every issue. Who better to keep it relevant than the young-folk of today? After all, this is their magazine.

12. Will a version of the magazine be available online?

Yes, definitely. An e-magazine will be available soon for download on the website. Students will also be in charge of running our social media accounts to keep the community in touch, conversations flowing, and share awesome content! Follow us on @beyondwordsbkk on Facebook and Instagram.


Check out the teaser for Beyond Words!

The Beyond Books team can't wait for the launch of the magazines first issue to launch in August! If you want to keep updated, please follow us on our social media pages

and website. Hope you are as excited as we are!

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