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Beyond Books is made up of a group of like-minded educators and industry experts who have come together on a mission to impart real-world skills to students of today.

We believe that education goes Beyond Books and are here to challenge age-old notions that students should only be focused on academics to prepare them for their future. 

We are on a mission to coach students of today and equip them with the necessary life-skills through a range of our courses such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Photography, Presentation Skills, Graphic Design and more to allow students to build on crucial and impactful skills that will help them achieve greatness in their future regardless of their career choices. 

We work with International and Bilingual schools all over Bangkok and also offer our tailor-made courses online to transform students of today into leaders of tomorrow.

What are Extra-Curricular Activities? 

Education is not only about what you learn in textbooks. In the professional world, you need more than just your academic achievements to make you stand out from the crowd. Extra-Curricular Activities help students develop their skills and interests and prepare them for the real world by equipping them with the necessary skills, confidence and ability to make an impression. 

Why are Extra-Curricular Activities Important?

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School Bus

For Schools

We offer our courses at International and Bilingual Schools in Bangkok. To collaborate with us to offer our courses as after-school activities, click to learn more.

Super Hero Kids

For Students

We offer our courses online to students all over the world. To learn more about our online courses, click to learn more.

the team
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Meet The Management Team


Keeratika Lertnamwongwan

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Managing Director


Narisa Lertnamwongwan

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Academic Director


Anuthida Lertnamwongwan

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Academic Co-ordinator
Ed-Tech Director


Mae Rosukhon

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Operations Manager


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