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Keeratika L.

Managing Director | Coach
  • Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts

  • Masters Degree in Media & Communications

  • Working in the Marketing & Communications field for 7+ years

  • Participated in and hosted in M.U.N (Model United Nations conference) and other public speaking events in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia

  • Ex-Youth Reporter for United Nations

  • Emcee for more than 30 events and conferences

  • Experienced Public-Speaking instructor

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Shannon Kathleen Parris

Assistant Course Manager | Coach
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

  • Master of Arts in Material and Visual Culture

  • Teaching Academic, Creative and Professional Communication for 5+ years

  • 5 years of sales and persuasive speaking experience

  • 15 years of narrative and academic writing experience

  • Experienced Speech & Drama and Public Speaking instructor and Creative Writing instructor

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Jessica Teal

Course Manager/Coach
  • Public Speaking:- Concentrated Studies in Film Production and Photojournalism

  • Teaching English and Art for 10+ years- Wrote, directed and produced musicals and plays in the U.S.A. and Thailand

  • Creative Writing:-Concentrated Studies in Film Production and Photojournalism (Experienced Creative Writing instructor)

  • Experienced Public Speaking instructor with a focus on Audience Engagement for 10+ years

  • Wrote, directed and produced musicals and plays in the U.S.A. and Thailand for over 10+ years

  • Artist Relations Coordinator, directing large events and several teams of people

  • Artist coaching with a focus on unlocking creativity

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Nerina Dansanghani

  • Coach/Facilitator

  • Certified child Coach under the ICF

  • Creative writing and Emotional Intelligence coach/teacher

  • Lead Teacher for special needs unit

  • Pastoral care

  • Curriculum mapping

  • BA in Media and Cultural studies from Middlesex University London

  • PCMC for child and parenting development certified and accredited by the ICF

  • TEFL

  • Implementing soft skills curriculums for HK based International schools

  • Public speaking and emotional expression activity coordinator

  • Building on children's EQ to help them find their inner confidence

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Mae Rosukhon

  • Bachelors in Soc.Sciences with honours in Linguistics

  • TEFL-certified English language teacher at university and language schools

  •  Facilitator of intercultural training

  • Co-founder and host of Random Thainess events

  • Host of large-scale public, sports and children's events

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Iris Su

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, 

  • Master’s degree in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)  

  • Master’s degree in International Studies in Education (Management and Policy)

  • Taught English Literature and EAP to university level international students

  • Have 15 years of teaching creative writing, academic writing and premier writing 

  • Have academic papers and blogs published 

  • Have 15 years of teaching public speaking

  • Have hosted debates between different universities in Thailand

  • Experienced public speaker at highly prestigious events such as Oxford Day while working with Oxford University Press as a Teacher Trainer

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Thea Oberholzer

Lisnaree Vichitsorasatra

  • Public Speaking: Two years' experience as a stand-up comedian

  • Creative Writing: Experience writing poetry and short stories for creative writing classes

  • Second place winner at Bangkok’s Spoken Word Poetry, Lyrical Lunacy

  • First place poetry winner at high school magazine in Copenhagen International School

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising

  • Experience in improv acting at Zmack 

  • Experience debating with the Debate Club at Assumption University

  • Master's Degree in Communication and Language Studies at the University of East Anglia

  • MA in General Theory of Language and Literature and Speech and Oral Interpretation – obtained with distinction

  • Teaching and other formal qualifications: TEFL – obtained with an A-grade; BA/BA Honours/PGCEi – all obtained with distinction

  • Lecturer, teacher, and coach for 26 years – all age groups from kindergarten to adult professionals

  • Teaching ESL and TEFL for 24 years

  • Formally trained in literary analysis of written works of art and Public Speaking

  • Public speaking and presentation skills lecturer for 9 years

  • Academic and creative writing lecturer for 10 years

  • Curriculum designer, specializing in creativity, confidence, and soft skills development in young learners

  • Curriculum designer and presenter for the private sector and educational fields, specializing in assertiveness, body language, public speaking, and presentation skills

  • Professional blog writing, storyboard writing, and editing experience

  • Lyricist and composer

  • Trained professional voiceover artist

  • Stage director and creative content video conceptualizer, focusing specifically on creativity and original thinking

  • Classically trained actor and singer, inclusive of training in good diction and voice production


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