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Education that goes Beyond Books!

Updated: May 19, 2021

Education systems around the world are yet to keep up with the needs of the modern day student. Children today require education that goes beyond textbooks, beyond standardized testing and a certain core curriculum because they live in an increasing less social world, where they are not able to gain significant life skills. Life skills that for some reason, we do not realize that students should be taught until they’re in university, sometimes too late to pick up such skills. Skills such as public speaking and creative writing or creative thinking are unarguably the most important skills for a young professional regardless of their career paths.

Beyond Books was founded with a question. The question : “Why must we wait until students are in university or sitting in front of a job interviewer to realize that they are not the most confident public speakers or wait until they’re struggling to write an impressive cover letter that they should have had more practice expression themselves through words?”Thus, Beyond Books were born with a vision to assist students, starting as young as first grade, to attain important life skills from a young age so that these skills are developed as a natural part of them that stays with them throughout high-school, college, career and beyond.

The Beyond Books team is made up of experienced, well-trained teachers with diverse backgrounds and expertise to deliver the best learning experience for our students. Coaches at Beyond Books undergo training, so regardless of which coach teaches a particular class, they will be delivering a standardized curriculum with a touch of their own magic. All coaches undergo mandatory criminal background checks and have signed children protection policies

Check out more information about our courses and teachers here:

Beyond Books offers a wide range of courses at International Schools across Bangkok as well as online. Our courses are fun, interactive and informative, and help bring out the more creative side of the students.

Our latest initiative will begin in August 2021 as we are launching the first ever student-centric English magazine that will have many contributions (writing, design, photography etc.) from students who have taken part in our Journalism course and independent writers from all over the world!

Watch out for this space to get interesting blogs about us, our students and future endeavors!


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